Established in May, 2005, Xiamen Aider Shoes Co.Ltd originated from the Footwears Department of Xiamen AIDER Import-export Co., Ltd founded in 1995. Through a decade of development, We, Aider, have successfully built up a distinguished competitive team (with more than 600 employees, 4000 sq meters office and 11000 sq meters development center rented in Jinjiang) at R&D, Procurement, Quality Control and Sales. To be more specific, we are specializing in the sports and casual foot wears all around America, Europe and Australia, etc. With all the sales and economic indexes leading in the shoe industry in Fujian Province, we were hereby awarded the Key Export Company in Xiamen in 2006.<Continue...>

Our culture

A  core conception: customers’ satisfaction

B  the conception of second exploration: human resource, hard work, high competition, systematic          innovation, spirit of development

C  executing culture: team work; discipline implementation; quick-responded; sustainable improvement; Tri-win strategy; budget consciousness

Procurement and Sales

     The well-trained sales team in AIDER is well experienced in exporting shoes. Thanks to their strategic procurement, effective operating style and customer-oriented consciousness and honest credit of doing business, AIDER is endowed with great reputation among customers and really wins them over<Continue...>

Quality Control system

      We are renowned for our distinguished QC team who are highly experienced with the shoes making and quality control required by the standard ISO quality system. Asides from attaching great importance to the test of raw materials resulting in the foundation of our own laboratory, we strictly control and supervise every aspect of the shoes making, from the samples making to mass production in a whole process to guarantee the quality and delivery.<Continue...>

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